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IT Managed Service Provider in Chennai

Uniware is emerging online market place for large & medium size IT managed services providers, connecting global buyers and suppliers. This company offers platforms and tools to provide IT managed services provider in Kochi to over 1 lac corporate companies. The company operates in the electronic capital of India (Bengaluru) and Kochi. We are extending our company to Chennai and ready to offer all IT services to the city. The company provides reliable and competitive solutions to the customer which has contributed to the growth of company substantially. The company has over 400+ network implementation connecting 75 cities around the world. It has 500+ medium and enterprise level customers served over 20+ years. The company has many of the leading IT sectors like IBM, BOTRA and some of the leading corporates like VIJAY TV, AIMS and MRF. Uniware has its customers across various sectors and it promises to deliver its customers the best. The company is known for its reliability and timely delivery of its services to the customers.

We offers products that enable (online Catalogs/ store- fronts), establish their credibility (third party verified trust profile) and provide business service and information to its customers. It also provides cloud related services for over 20 years to 500+ organizations worldwide. We solves all your problem and delivers you solutions at doorstep, so feel free to get our services by just hitting your keypads when you get a problem.

The company has won several awards and significant nominations over the years. The company is covered by lot of leading IT sectors for its pioneering role in promoting cloud computers solutions.

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